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Girl Scout Project Ideas

These Girl Scout project ideas can be used to earn various badges.


As a former Girl Scout and co-leader of my daughter's Cadette troop, I've got a few years of crafting experience under my belt. In fact, my years as a Girl Scout inspired me to try a lot of new skills, and shaped who I am today. Part of that is figuring out which projects work, and which don't. Here, I've assembled some of my best projects that can be applied directly to specific Girl Scout badges... but, personally, I do them just for fun!

1. Sewing Badges to Your Uniform

Place and Sew girl Scout Badges
Rain Blanken
Hopefully you're out there earning lots of badges. If there's one skill you'll need in Girl Scouts, it's keeping those badges on your uniform! For this reason, sewing was one of the skills we learned first when I was a little scout. While most badges these days are the iron-on kind, I can say from experience that you'll still need some stitches to keep them from dripping off of your sash. You worked hard to earn your badges... you don't want to lose them!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to both machine and hand-sew your girl scout badges onto all the right places.

2. Finger Knitting

crafts for girl scouts
Rain Blanken
There are a few badges for dealing with the fiber arts, and this simple craft is perfect for Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes alike. Even the troop leaders will be impressed as they knit without needles to make cute skinny scarves using just their fingers.

'Finger knitting' is an ancient way of looping yarn that slowly produces a tube, and can be used for scarves, bracelets and even necklaces. Try using different yarn weights to create both bulky and delicate styles.

3. Make Jewelry

Learn to tie a simple square knot.
Rain Blanken
Junior Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn the 'Junior Jeweler' badge. This insignia represents your work toward learning the basics of jewelry making, and creating your own designs. One option for earning 'Junior Jeweler' is to learn the art of macrame.

  • Learn to Tie Macrame - Macrame is a way to create lengths of knots that have been beautifully tied to create a strong base for beads, pendants, charms and more. You can create macrame earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even household items.
  • Make Paper Jewelry - Roll your own paper beads, try decoupage, or just fold up a pair of cute earrings. I've got a bunch of paper jewelry projects for you to try, perfect for both jewelry and recycling badges.
  • Junk Drawer Jewelry - Turn trash into treasure with these jewelry projects that will have to scrounging for gems where you least expect.
  • More Jewelry Tutorials...

4. Recycled and Upcycled Style

recycled girl scout crafts
Rain Blanken
Recycling and reusing are strong themes in Girl Scout badges that deal with environmental conservation. After all, part of the Girl Scout law is to make the world a better place! I've gathered some recycling projects that can help you turn plastic bags into stylish handbags, and even placemats into purses. These are all easy to sew, and I've included stitch tutorials where you need them.

5. Make Fake Blood

Make Fake Blood
Rain Blanken
Okay, now this might not sound the cuddliest of projects, but trust me, the girls love it. Fake blood can be made in a variety of consistencies from ordinary kitchen ingredients. My daughter's troop recently used fake blood to work on their Special Agent badge, when we studied blood spatter patterns as forensic scientists.

Blood spatter aside, this is also a great project for science badges (like the Home Scientist badge for Brownies), where the girls can use different ingredients to change the consistency and color of the blood. And need I mention Halloween? Great money saver on vampire costumes, here.

6. Age-Old Costumes

girl scout badge ideas
Photo copyright Nelson Chen
Juniors can earn the 'Playing the Past' badge, an opportunity to experience life as it was in another time. Along with researching the way of life in the time period of their choice, girls are also invited to dress the part. Here are some tutorials for styles of a by-gone era:

7. Patriotic Crafts

Project ideas for girl scouts
Rain Blanken
Girl Scouts in the United States will often participate in parades and holiday celebrations that teach patriotism and the appreciation of our service men and women.

I've got some patriotic projects that the girls can do to gear up for events, and to look fashionably red-white-and-blue while they're at it.

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