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How-to Fall Fashion 2009

Save money and make the hottest Fall fashion yourself.


During Fashion Week, we're getting the big preview of the hottest Fall styles for 2009. Maybe you're no Marc Jacobs, but I bet you can pull off these styles without massive sewing skills or a massive budget.

1. Plaid is In!

Shirt Wrap
Rain Blanken
We're stealing plaid from the lumberjacks this year with all kinds of plaid shirts, vests and skirts. Learn how to turn a thrift store plaid shirt into a hot trendy wrap.

2. Cinch It and Add a Jacket

budget fashion week
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Whether it's a dress, a coat or a long shirt, slap a wide black belt on it and suddenly you're the cat's pajamas.

Thick black belts can be found for cheap at most any department store. I suggest getting one that you can squeeze two looks out of, patent leather of one side and a velvet or felt look on the reverse.

Belts are also easy to make out of most any fabric. Stitch your own simple belt with my easy step-by-step tutorial.

Adding any jacket from your wardrobe can instantly give you a tailored look. Dust off those interview clothes and try pairing a jacket and slacks with a colorful printed blouse and black beads. Take just a few seconds to look as though you were studying the Andy & Debb runway.

3. Paint it Black

budget fashion week
Getty Images for IMG
Black is the color for fall 2009, as seen in this Narciso Rodriguez ensemble. This is utterly fantastic news for your budget.

Charcoals, grays and navy blues are all in for fall 2009, and all available in a little box at your local drug store. Just about any washable piece of clothing can easily be dyed these colors with just a box of 88 cent powdered dye. Transform some of your favorite closet pieces within minutes and save yourself some vibrant green dough.

4. Stitch a Big Button

budget fashion week 2009
Fernanda Calfat/Stringer / Getty Images
Big buttons! I love big buttons, so I'm really glad to see them popping up all over Baby Phat and Pamella Roland. Don't be intimidated by a little needle and thread. Stitching on a few buttons never killed anybody.

5. Scarves for Fall...of Course!

2009 fashion week
Jeff Gentner/Stringer / Getty Images
Okay, so scarves in the Fall are kind of a no-brainer. For both the guys and gals, we are seeing a lot of solid and thick-striped scarves on the runway.

In addition, arm warmers and fingerless gloves are making the scene. You can make a pair of fingerless gloves at home, or try a scarf tutorial:

6. Striped Tights

Marc Jacobs Tights
Mat Szwajkos/Stringer / Getty Images
Yesterday in New York City, Marc Jacobs unveiled dynamic layers and an array of hats and scarves at the Fashion Week show. What caught my eye, however, was the repeat performance of striped tights on the runway.

These tights are thinner than leg warmers, but thicker than typical hose. Want it for free? You can get this look by chopping off the sleeves of a striped long-sleeve t-shirt. Put on your new leg warmers, layer with a pair of tall, scrunchy black socks and finish off with a pair of casual boots.

7. Wrap it Up

2009 Fashion Week
Fernanda Calfat/Stringer / Getty Images
Big, flowing sleeves are in for Fall 2009, as well as flowing wraps and wool poncho's. You can wear a wrap on it's own, or cinch it with a belt.

For this Baby Phat & KLS look, get your hands on a bolt of solid wool and try out this easy poncho tutorial from our Guide to Sewing:

8. Don't Forget the Bling

Domenico Vacca fashion week 2009
Scott Gries / Getty Images
This Domenico Vacca top is a great example of the large stones we could be seeing a lot of this Fall. To get this bold look, I suggest finding some cheap costume jewelry at your local thrift store.

Second hand costume jewelry can be bought for pennies and re-used on shirts as strategic accents. Use a little bit of thread that matches your garment to loop in the jewelry fasteners or bead holes. Simply stitch the jewelry on. Just be sure not to over-do it, and stick to embellishing the collar area.

9. When in Doubt, Dress Blindfolded

2009 fall fashion week
Scott Gries/Getty Images
Diane von Furstenberg showed us a crapshoot variety of mismatched clothing at Fashion Week 2009. Ruffles on your brother's tweed suit paired with a sheer camo blouse, animal print scarf and...do my eyes deceive me...socks with mules?

So, in case you're fretting too much about what to wear, just keep in mind that somewhere, out there...someone is dressed like this.

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