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How to Hem Pants


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Find Your Length
How to Hem Pants

Pin at the top and bottom of your new hemline.

Put on the pants you want to hem. Wear the pair of shoes that you plan on wearing with the pants. Hemming pants without the shoes on will make the hem too short! On the side of your left leg, fold the hem up and inside the pants. Use a full length mirror to get the best idea of what the end result will look like. Adjust as needed until it looks right in the mirror.

Pin the hem in place at the top and bottom. Insert one pin first along the top of your hem. Since we folded and ironed the ½ inch in step 2, you should be able easily feel the edge of the fabric from the outside of the pants. Make sure the fabric is straight before you insert your second pin at the bottom. You do not need to do this to both legs. Take another look in the mirror to see if it still looks right.

Now we will measure and pin the other leg.

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