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How to Hem Pants


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Prepare your Pants
How to Hem Pants

Remove the existing stitching.

You will need to remove the stitching that is already there. A seam ripper works so much better and quicker than a pair of scissors. Be careful not to cut or poke the fabric itself. Along the very edge of the hem, you may see a zigzagged or looped stitch. This is in place to keep the end of the fabric from unraveling. Leave this stitching intact if possible.

Unfold the hem completely so that it hangs loose. We are going to iron a 1/2 inch fold.

Plug in your iron and let it heat up. Some fabrics are not heat safe, and will actually melt when an iron is applied, so test a small area first. This step is a great way to test your pants to see if they can be ironed in the future. Checking the tag can sometimes give you this information. When in doubt, lay a damp towel between your iron and the fabric. Iron about a 1/2 inch fold to give it a nice crease. Repeat with the other leg.

When your ironing is complete, we can see how long you want your hem.

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