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Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk fashion galleries and steampunk fashion how-to's


Steampunk Bonnet

Steampunk Bonnet

Sisters of the Moon
Steampunk fashion is a style trend that follows the fantasy world of Edwardian and Victorian time. Like a whimsical Jules Vern novel, steampunk uses historical style along with elements of clockwork whimsy to create a new kind of nostalgia for the 1800's.

Steampunk artists often make use of old mechanical watch parts to lend gears and cogs to the work. Shining bronze metal composes much of steampunk jewelry, contrasting with the soft velvets and feathers of hats and jackets.

Steampunk hats can take the form of pillbox hats, mini derby hats, tiny pinned-on hats and even crowns. Feathers often make prominent appearances in steampunk headgear, as do metallic materials.

Steampunk contains the refinery of a Victorian parlor, but also the globe-trotting adventure of Carmen Sandiego. When you get carried away with the steampunk style, it's easy to start imagining steam-powered television sets and rock bands in the 1800's.

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