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How to Make Dog Clothes with Easy Patterns

Save cash for your own wardrobe and make the dog's clothes yourself.


How to Make Dog Clothes

How to Make Dog Clothes

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Dog Monkey Costume

Dog Monkey Costume

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How-To Dog Shirt

How-To Dog Shirt

Rain Blanken

Let's get real, here. Dog clothes are quick and easy to make, and if you know how to make dog clothes, you'll have more money for clothes that aren't so easy to make: yours. Recently I was shopping for my own Pomeranian-mix pooch and I came across some very expensive coats and shirts for dogs. At Moochie, a local doggie boutique, even hankies sell for upwards of $10.00.

These pieces of clothing strike me as little more than altered patterns for baby dolls. Turns out I was right. Check out these sources for making your own frocks for your little furry friend. Honestly, you have to have something better to spend your money on.

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