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Hippie Patchwork Clothing

A subculture of fashion


HIppie Patchwork

Advanced Hippie Applique

Hippie chicks craft in a very different way than your average DIY diva. There are whole communities and networks of support among the ladies of the hippie threads. Regular impromptu fashion conventions happen at the closest jam show, (think Phish or The Wailers) so these ladies are always in the know about what the other DIY hippie chicks are up to. Crafting these laid back clothes has taken hippie stitchers to new heights as they explore the worlds of appliqué, natural fibers, and embroidery.

The patchwork style began as a simple group of Christian women who followed the Grateful Dead in the early 80’s. They lived in an independent community, and that meant making the most of the fabric at hand. Scraps of fabric were sewn together to form larger pieces of fabric, that were then turned into clothes.

These days, the patchwork look has become a hallmark of hippie style, and the ladies behind the craft have only grown in number and improved in skill. Complicated designs normally found on quilts can now be found on long skirts and pants. Some pieces use more than 200 individual patches, and are put together with the precision of a professional quilter. DIY chicks of the patchwork persuasion have gone on to become true professionals. It is a creative branch of DIY fashion that allows lots of room for creativity and growth. The one criticism you will run into is on the quality of your clothing. Hippie chicks are constantly encouraging each other with tips and tricks!

You don’t have to be one of these mistresses of mellow to get your stitch on. Here are some easy projects that will get you into the hippie spirit in no time.

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