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Bacon and Eggs Tote Bag


I was eyeing this cute bag at Target for weeks before I finally decided to reward myself with it. After I bought it, I realized how easy it would be to make one myself! Follow these simple directions to get this $10.00 tote for free.

1. Xhilaration Breakfast Bag at Target $9.99

Breakfast Bag from Exhiliration at Target $9.99
Rain Blanken
I thought that this bag was really fun and had a lot of goofy personality. How perfect is this for picnics? I have used it to bring my lunch in to work. Follow the directions below to make this one yourself and avoid the $9.99 price I had to pay.

2. How-To Tote Bag

Easy Tote Bag Instructions
Debbie Colgrove
First off, we will need to make a simple tote bag. For this bag, choose a red, pink and white checkered material, or run with it and choose whatever material you like. Our Guide to Sewing has very simple directions for a tote bag. Just be sure to add the appliques below before you sew the front to the sides.

3. Egg Eyes Applique Template #1

Egg Applique Template
Rain Blanken
For the eyes, use this egg applique template that I made to match the bag from Target. On my bag, the bacon & eggs are cut from a smooth, vinyl material. You can use any material you like, though.

Cut the yolk and egg white seperately. First sew on the egg white with white thread, then sew the yolk on top with yellow or orange thread.

4. Egg Eyes Applique Template #2

Egg Applique Template
Rain Blanken
The egg eyes on my bag were similar, but not quite the same shape. I made a second egg eye template so that your egg eyes will be slightly differnet just like on the Xhilaration bag.

5. Bacon Smile Template

Bacon Applique Template
Rain Blanken
The bacon smile on my bag has a strip of white through the middle. On this bacon template, first sew on the large, brown piece of bacon, then the white strip on top. You can flip the template over to get a frowning mouth.

6. Handle Bow

Handle Bow
Rain Blanken
My bag has a kitchy red bow tied to one of the handles. I've included a little template here so that your bow will be the right size. Cut two pieces of fabric with this template and sew them together around the edges. This will give you a bow that will not droop easily.
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