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Free Crochet Bag and Purse Patterns

The best free crochet bag and purse patterns and instructions.


Fancy Pouch

Fancy Pouch

Free Crochet Bag and Purse Patterns
  • Crochet Bag With Beaded Apple - This free bag pattern from our Guide to Crochet combines two popular crochet techniques - Tunisian crochet and beaded crochet. To put the finishing touches on the apple, you also get to enjoy a bit of cross stitch. Tunisian crochet offers a unique surface for working cross stitch designs.

  • Striped Crochet Bag - This striped crochet bag pattern almost appears woven, but it is definitely crocheted. The bag is made using afghan stitch, otherwise known as Tunisian simple stitch. From our Guide to Crochet.

  • Lined Crochet Bag in Boxed Shell Stitch - This pretty bag is crocheted in two colors. There's an outer openwork layer with a contrasting inner lining. The openwork is crocheted in boxed shell stitch.

  • Crochet Half Circle Purse - The free pattern design by Sandi Marshall is an intriguing purse that has a trendy half-circle shape.

  • Loop and Drawstring Bag - This ultra-feminine bag has lacy crocheted details. The free pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

  • Mesh Leaping Deer Bag - Sandi Marshall created this contemporary mesh bag design using an antique charted design for a deer motif.

  • Dachshund Dog Bag - Dachshund lovers will get a kick out of seeing their furry friends portrayed in cross stitch on the front of this interesting crocheted purse. This free pattern is by Sandi Marshall.

  • Quick and Easy Mesh Bag - This medium-sized bag is handy to have for storing assorted items around the house. This free crochet pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

  • Shells and Mesh Flat Tote Bag - If you'd be interested in making a tote bag with an openwork crocheted design, check out this fantastic pattern. Sandi Marshall designed this project.

  • Spring Flowers Handbag - This delightful handbag is embellished with lovely crocheted flower motifs. Depending on what fiber you make it out of, you could carry it all year long, but it's especially appropriate for use in the springtime when flowers are blooming.

  • Vs and Fans Drawstring Purse - Transform two openwork afghan squares into a lovely purse using this innovative and free crochet pattern by Sandi Marshall.

  • Vintage Fleur De Lis Bag From 1917 - This gorgeous bag was originally published in a 1917 crochet pattern book by M. Heminway and sons.

  • Vintage Knot Stitch Flower Sachet Bag From 1917 - This charming vintage sachet pattern will give you the opportunity to practice crocheting the knot stitch.

  • Vintage Lettuce Bag - In the days before plastic wrap was invented, this round mesh bag was used to hold lettuce and keep it fresh. If you're looking for eco-friendly food storage ideas, this one is worth considering.

  • Vintage 1940s Bag With Joined Squares - The crochet pattern for this lovely bag was originally published in the 1940s. Although the original supply list called for soutache, Sandi Marshall has revamped the instructions to show contemporary crocheters some suggestions for crocheting this free pattern in yarn or thread.

  • Vintage 1945 Clutch Purse - This oh-so-chic crocheted clutch purse is just as fab now as it was when the free pattern was originally published in 1945.

  • Vintage Shell Shoulder Bag - The free pattern for this stunning crocheted bag was originally published in 1917.

  • Woodsy Shells and Mesh Crocheted Bag - This crocheted tote bag is really roomy. The pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

  • Recycled Plarn Backpack - This free pattern from myrecycledbags.com shows us how to blend plarn with scrap yarn to create a cute backpack.

  • Pink Wrist Purse - This free pattern from Knot Generation looks like a cute basket that can hang from your wrist.

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