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Make a Capri Sun Bag


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Recycle juice pouches into a refreshing bag.
Make a Capri Sun Bag

Get sugared up, then get craftin' on your Capri Sun bag.

Rain Blanken
What You'll Need:
  • 21 Capri Sun Drink Pouches. Capri Sun pouches come in cases of 12, so you will need to purchase 2 cases.
  • Rolling pin
  • Small towel
  • Sewing Machine
  • Large denim needle (whether sewing by hand or machine)
  • Thread (I like to use a contrasting color)
Remove the Juicea
The obvious answer here is to drink it. Collect pouches over time, or drain them into a jug. I do not recommend drinking 21 Capri Suns at once. Friends may start avoiding you due to your maddening hyperactivity.

Once the bulk of the juice is out, you will need to get rid of the extra juice left in the pouches. Lay out a towel on the counter and place your Capri Sun pouch face-up. Starting from the bottom, use a rolling pin to squeeze every drop of sugary goodness outta there.

Next step: We will make the bottom and sides

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