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How to Make an Apple Cozy

Make an apple cozy to keep your fruity friends from bruising before lunch.


Make a Knit or Crochet Apple Cozy

Make a Knit or Crochet Apple Cozy

Photo by uzbeckistan on Flickr

Apples are the classic lunch fruit. They are sweet, juicy, and mother approved. Perhaps it is these attributes which targets apples for lunchbox bullying. Anytime I try to carry an apple in my purse or lunch sack, it seems like everything else in the purse wants to attack it. A cute cozy on your apple can protect its delicate skin, and add a bit of style to your lunch presentation. Here are some free patterns for apple cozies.

Knit Apple Cozy Patterns

Crochet Apple Cozy Patterns
  • Here are two cozy patterns from The Indigo Phial, one for your apple and bonus banana pattern
  • A full-coverage apple cozy pattern adapted by Sunnyside Ellen to crochet from the above knit pattern from Ravelry.
  • Grumpy around lunch time? Try this funny angry apple cozy by Kala Hotakainen.
  • Oranges have a thick skin, but why should they be left out of the fun? The Crocheting Crab decided to make a cozy for them, too with this orange cozy pattern.
  • Another $3.50 pattern, this is Theresa Grant's adorable apple cozy.
  • Kristen TenDyke's free pattern for an apple cozy works like a little drawstring bag, so it can be used for lots of things outside of fruit transport.
  • 'Eyespiral' on deviantArt has converted the above knit apple cozy pattern from Vegan Lunchbox into an easy crochet version.

Have you made an apple cozy yet? I'd love to see it and share with our readers. Upload a photo and tell us all about it!

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