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How to Decoupage


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Seal the Deal
Decoupage Case

Don't worry if the glue clouds your images. It will dry clear.

Rain Blanken
Decoupage transforms old surfaces so well because you can seal in the whole thing. Not only is the glue used to apply pieces, but to varnish them as well. When all your pieces are in place and the glue underneath has dried, it's time to varnish.

Apply five coats of varnish with your decoupage glue, letting each layer of varnish dry completely before applying the next layer. If you slap too much glue on there at once, then the paper is sure to curl and wrinkle.

Once you are finished, you should be left with a creation that was cheap to make and is completely unique from anything that can be found mass-produced in stores. If you thought this was easy, check out more recycled fashion you can make.

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