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How to Decoupage


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How to Decoupage a Case
How to Decoupage

A little decoupage reaps awesome results.

Rain Blanken
Do you know how to decoupage? Decoupage uses glue and any paper media to turn any plain hard surface into a customized piece of art. You can pump up your style by learning how to decoupage various cases and jewelry pieces. Here, I'm going to use a bunch of free brochures to make my sister a fantastic 30th birthday present.

What You'll Need:

  • Decoupage glue - Mod Podge is cheap and comes in a big bottle at any department or craft store.
  • Suitcase, lunchbox, file box...any smooth, hard and flat surface.
  • A large paintbrush
  • Lots of greeting cards, brochures, stickers, old calendar pages, magazine clippings, old posters, scrapbook paper...whatever you want to seal into your style.
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
Once you've decided what to use, we can get started.

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