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Make Your Halloween Costume


There are thousands of costumes that you can make yourself at home. Halloween stores are popping up all over in the U.S. during Autumn seasons. While these are fun to visit, the price tags aren't so entertaining. Learn how to make your own costumes with these free photo galleries and tutorials.
  1. Hot Costumes for 2013
  2. Character Costumes
  3. Celebrity Costumes
  4. Sexy Costumes
  5. Classic Costumes to Make
  1. Costumes for Men
  2. Make-Up and Face Paint
  3. Wigs, Masks and Accessories
  4. Costume Ideas

Hot Costumes for 2013

Popular Costumes 2013

With Miley twerkin' and The Great Gatsby workin', there are a few select costumes destined to be popular choices at this year's Halloween parties.

Character Costumes

Costume Tutorials

On Halloween, you can transform into your favorite cartoon or movie wizard. These well-known characters are easy to imitate.

Celebrity Costumes

Celebrity Costume Tutorials

If you've ever dreamed of being rich and famous, Halloween is your chance. Pretend to be these famous faces this Halloween season.

Sexy Costumes

Catwoman Mask

Bunny tails and kitty ears. Sometimes that's all it takes to put together a sizzlin costume. Try these skimpy costumes on for size.

Classic Costumes to Make

Dead Bride Costume

Step-by-step instructions on how to make traditional Halloween get-ups.

Costumes for Men

Edward Cullen Costume

Someone's got to dress that guy up for Halloween. These costumes are easy to make.

Make-Up and Face Paint

Make Up

As a professional face painter, I can tell you that the makeup matters. Having the right face can make or break a costume.

Wigs, Masks and Accessories

Adding a wig or putting on a mask can make your character more convincing. Learn how to make and wear these disguises.

Costume Ideas

Yoda Dog Costume

Sometimes looking at costumes will give you the right inspiration for your own Halloween look. Check out these creations and get cracking!

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