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Ten Lady Gaga Costumes to Make

From the hair bow to the bubble dress.


Playing Lady Gaga is easy because she doesn't have a single signature look, but many. In fact, there are so many famous Lady Gaga outfits that you could throw a Gaga party, inviting all the guests to come wearing a memorable Gaga style. Just promise to send me pics.

1. Make a Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

Lady Gaga Bubble Costume
Stephen Carlisle

On Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga joked that she made this costume out of garbage. I guess you could go that route, but lets try something a little more sanitary.

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2. Lady Gaga in Pearls Costume

Lady Gaga attends the amfAR New York Gala
Getty Images

Who couldn't love this outfit? I love it purely for all the puns that could be made while wearing it. Here are some pearls of wisdom on how to create a similar look.

3. Make a Lady Gaga Hair Bow

Lady Gaga performs at the launch of VEVO
Getty Images
So, when someone tells Lady Gaga to put her hair up in a bow, this is inevitably what happens. It is a great look for your Gaga costume, because a hair 'bow' is instantly recognizable as a Gaga creation. You can pair this hair with any outfit and pass as Gaga.

4. Lady Gaga's Angular Hair

Lady Gaga visits fuse TV's 'On The Record' at fuse Studios
Getty Images

This is a much more simple Gaga costume, but it still reflects her style through the sharp lines of the close-cropped hair and towering wedge shoes.

5. Classic Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga attends a CD Signing For 'Monster' at Best Buy
Getty Images

Sometimes, Lady Gaga has better things to do than show off Elton John's hand-me-downs. A popular look for her is dark glasses, hot red lipstick and subdued clothing.

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6. Lady Gaga Cotton Candy Hair Costume

Lady Gaga at The Brit Awards in February, 2010
Getty Images

Wow, where do we begin with this cotton candy hair? This over-the-top look reminds me of the Carnival parade enthusiasts with the high headpieces made of feathers and flowers.

7. Lady Gaga at the Grammys Costume

Lady Gaga arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards
Getty Images
This dress is complicated, but you can do a budget version by making a hoop skirt.

8. Lady Gaga in Lace Costume

Lady GaGa attends the Mac Viva Glam Launch
Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Here, Gaga is in a mask, headdress, large underpants, and a skin-colored bodysuit with long sleeves and leggings tucked into gloves and boots respectively. The lace and leather are working overtime here to create a sexy look, while in reality, her body is covered.

9. Gaga in Green Costume

Lady Gaga onstage during the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards
Getty Images

Buying any leotard and bedazzling it will pass with flying colors as a Gaga costume, so don't worry about the details. It's all about having fun.

10. Lady Gaga Crazy Pants Costume

Lady Gaga arrives at Narita International Airport
Getty Images

In this photo, Gaga is getting off a plane in Japan, but really...did she need the jet? These pants look like they could start flapping and send her halfway across the world sans tray table.

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