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DIY Miley Cyrus VMA Costume Tutorial

Make your own Miley Cyrus VMA costume with this easy tutorial from Rain Blanken.


Years ago, I put together a Miley Cyrus costume tutorial… but that was for Hannah Montana’s alter-ego. That was then and this is now. A Miley Cyrus VMA costume is a far cry from The Best of Both Worlds. But I, Rain Blanken, hold a special place for Miley in my heart, so I’m stickin’ by my girl this Halloween season. Here is your update… twerk bears and all!

1. Miley's Twerk Bear Costume

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume Tutorial
Rain Blanken
The most iconic part of Miley’s costume is going to be the most difficult to recreate. This is the easiest way I could think of:
  1. Get your hands on a grey leotard or swimsuit. If you want to substitute a grey cami and grey underpants in a pinch, that could work, too.
  2. Get some sheets of felt from the local craft store. These are cheap! You’ll need pink, white, red and black. While you’re there, grab some fabric glue, too.
  3. Plot our your bear face using the photos I’ve provided here of Miley in costume. Sketch your bear face Draw your shapes on the felt pieces and cut them out.
  4. Put on an old fitted t-shirt or cami under your grey leotard; one that you don’t mind ruining. Place wax paper over your skin and belly to prevent the glue from sticking to your body. Nobody wants dried glue on their nipples.
  5. Start gluing your felt pieces to the leotard, working in front of the mirror or with a friend. It’s important that you’re wearing the leotard while you glue because the material needs to stretch to fit your body.

2. Nude Miley Cyrus with Foam Finger

Miley Cyrus VMA Costume
Getty Images
This is going to be the easiest approach to a Miley Cyrus VMA costume this year. Get a nude-colored bra and pile on a few pairs of nude granny panties (to prevent them from being transparent). If you have time, spray them with a sparkle fabric paint to give them at least a little shine like Miley’s vinyl underwear.

Grab a foam finger that supports any team you like. Miley's was a nondescript lady finger complete with nail polish, but yours doesn't have to match to translate to look. Wear a pair of white sneakers to complete the look.

3. Hair and Makeup

Miley Cyrus VMA makeup
Getty Images
Miley’s hair and makeup is just as important as a bear-faced leotard.
  • Hair- Part your hair in the middle and twist two small buns up like horns on the top of your head. IF you’ve got long hair, just tie it back in a ponytail to get close enough to the look. With the rest of your outfit, you don’t really even need to be blonde to make the hair translate.
  • Eyes - Miley’s eyes have a natural look here. Use a white eyeshadow on the upper lid up to the eyebrow, and a neutral shimmer on the lower lid. Line the upper lid along the lashes with a black pencil, then finish with a little shading of black at the outer corners of the lid. Pile on the black mascara.
  • Lips - Red lipstick, as bright red as you can get your hands on. Take it with you to re-apply throughout the night.

4. Miley’s Tounge

Miley Cyrus costume tutorial
Getty Images
You wouldn’t really be playing the part of Miley if you didn’t try to lick the makeup off of your own eyeballs. Until the night of your Miley Cyrus costume debut, spend your couch time trying to touch your nose and chin with your tongue. This is not only a great way to work your tongue muscle, but endlessly entertaining for everyone else on the couch.

5. Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke Miley Cyrus costume
Getty Images
Every Miley Cyrus VMA costume needs her Robin Thicke. While this one does involve a suit, it can be a really easy costume to assemble. Add black aviator sunglasses and a black t-shirt to nail the look.
  • Easiest but more expensive: Buy a Beetlejuice costume at the local costume store. It’s a match.
  • Easy with some work: If you can find a white or even light-colored suit at the thrift store, apply thin strips of black duct tape to the entire suit. This is easy, but time consuming.
  • Difficult but cheap: Use any suit and simply paint it. Grab some white and black fabric paint from the craft store and apply stripes. For clean lines, use strips of masking tape to cover the black parts while you paint on the white stripes. Once dry, cover the edges of your white stripes with the masking tape while you apply the black paint.

6. Twerk Bears

Twerk bear VMA costumes
Getty Images
If you don’t have a Robin Thicke, add some twerk bear friends as your entourage. You don’t need an exact match for Miley’s stuffed posse to get this look; any large bear costume will get the message across.

7. Practice Your Twerk

Miley Cyrus VMA Costume
Getty Images - Miley Cyrus VMA Costume
Time to get your twerk on! Mark my words: at least once during your night of Miley frolicking, someone will request the twerk. You’re going to need to have your own hilarious twerk impersonation ready to go.

How do you twerk? Doesn’t have to be the scintillating back-that-butt-up version that Miley performed on the VMA stage. Put your own spin on this one!

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