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Miley Cyrus Costume

Either alter ego is a hot costume this Halloween.


This is an old tutorial for young Miley! If you're looking for a Miley Cyrus VMA costume, see my new tutorial

Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming as popular a costume as her fictional alter ego, Hannah Montana. Find out how to get the right Miley look with this simple tutorial.

1. The Top

Miley Cyrus Shirt
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images
Miley wears a lot of graphic tee's, so this one is easy. Pick a t-shirt with a message about peace, or a Beatles logo for an obvious Miley look. Don't have the right shirt? You can spray paint a t-shirt at home with these free stencils and instructions:

2. The Pants

Miley Cyrus Pants
Tim Whitby / Getty Images
A pair of casual jeans will really make this outfit, but it's a good idea to rev them up a little with some wear and tear. Here are a couple of ways to give your pants a rock look:

3. The Makeup

Miley Cyrus Makeup
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images
Miley loves her eyeliner, so don't shy away from applying dark black liner to both upper and lower lids. Mascara is also a must.

For the lips, try a lighter pink or coral color with a high gloss. She isn't big on blush, but a peach blush will work. Eyeshadow varies, but try a smoky eye with a splash of color.

4. The Hair

Miley Cyrus Hair
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
For a brown wig, be sure to get one with a little wave to it (Compare Prices). Miley wears her hair both straight and wavy, but a little wave will help differentiate from a Hannah Montana costume.

Here are some hair tips to turn your own brown hair into Miley locks.

5. The Jewelry

Miley Cyrus Jewelry
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images
Try necklaces in long chains and bold accent pieces that aren't too colorful. A chain with a cross is a good bet, or large beads. Thin bangles will work great for bracelets as well as wristbands for Miley's rocker look.

Here are a few jewelry how-to's to get you started:

6. A Big Belt

Miley Cyrus Belt
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Hannah and Miley both have a thing for flashy belts...it helps that they're in this Fall season! Make your own jeweled belt with these easy tutorials.

7. The Shoes - Sneakers or Pumps

Miley Cyrus Shoes
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images
Keep shoes simple when you're stylin as Miley. These shoes, for example, were worn by Miley at the Madrid premiere of "Hannah Montana: The Movie".

A heel is acceptable, but not required for the Miley look. She's a regular girl, so sneakers work just as well.

8. The Microphone

Miley Cyrus Microphone
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Walking around as Miley for a day means you are subject to randomly bursting into song.

Make a Microphone:
Create a simple microphone by capping a toilet paper roll with a Styrofoam ball found at the craft store. Cover the ball in foil and paint the toilet paper roll black. Have fun making up songs about everything in sight.

9. The Attitude

Miley Cyrus Attitude
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Don't forget that you need to act the part. Most people get the idea that Miley is a regular goofy girl just like the rest of us, so don't be too prissy while sporting your Miley style.

Hang loose, have fun, and throw in a good ol' Tennessee accent every once in a while.

10. Ultimate Miley Accessory - A Dad

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus
Miguel Villagran / Getty Images
Nothing says 'I'm Miley Cyrus' like having a goatee-faced hillbilly follow you around spouting wisdom that involves various wild animals and backwoods fatherly advice about your ultimate destiny.

Talk your dad into playing the lovable Billy Ray with a pair of aviator sunglasses, dark jeans and boots. You'll have loads of fun with dreamy-eyed quotes like these, some borrowed from his Hannah Montana character, Robby Stewart, just for fun.

  • "Each person has their own calling on this Earth."
  • "I don't think there's any accidents in my life."
  • "Sweet Niblets!"
  • "Son of a gun! That boy's got three feet!"
  • "You got in a shoe fight!"

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