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Jack Sparrow Costume How-To


Everyone wants to be a pirate, but these days only one is king. Learn how to make a Captain Jack Sparrow costume. Click each photo for full-size image.

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1. The Hat or Scarf

Jack Sparrow Costume How-To
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
Jack wears a tricorn hat, which can get pricey around Halloween. Unless you want to spend big bucks on a tri-corn hat, the closest thing you can do is find a clotch cowboy hat and turn up three side. Pin with a safety pin.

If there aren’t any cowboys handy, I would recommend going with the bandanna, instead. Jack wears a bandanna throughout the movie, so this is a nice cheap alternative. Just say a Kraken ate your hat.

2. The Hair

Jack Sparrow Costume How-To
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
Oh, boy, here we go. If you don’t already have dreadlocks, you’re going to have to fake it. Divide hair into 1” x 1” sections. Since you will be wearing a hat, we can fake these dreaddies without making them too hard to remove in the morning. Nobody likes day-old fake dreaddies.

Grab a lock and turn until it is twisted about halfway, up to where your hat will cover. Back brush the hair with a bristle brush. Not the kind with thick plastic prongs; I mean the kind with thin plastic bristles. Brush toward the scalp all around the lock of hair. Twist and back brush again. Spray liberally with hair spray or slather in hair gel. The final touch is adding stuff to your hair. You can use beads, a feather, whatever you want to hide in there.

3. Jack Bling

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume How-to
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
Jack wears a total of four rings. Any rings will work for your costume. You can wear a pair of hoop earrings, though they will be hidden most of the time by your hair.

Don't forget the embellishments in his hair.

4. The Clothes Make the Pirate

Jack Sparrow Costume How-To
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
The Shirt - Wear a white long sleeved shirt, preferably one that is made out of a natural fiber.

Jacket or Vest? Jack wears either a long vest or a showy trench coat. The vest is the cheaper route if you don’t already own a trench coat. Either way, you will want to cinch the waist with a long red scarf of silk or another thin material.

The Pants – Dark black pajama pants will work if they are made from a dull material and are loose on the legs. You will be tucking them into your boots, so don’t worry about the length.

5. It's All About the Boots

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume
Gareth Cattermole
All that money you saved on the rest of the costume will come in handy when you’re ready to figure out the footwear. There is no good way to fake boots without looking ridiculous. Try hitting the thrift store first, then go for a pair of cheap costume boots. High quality leather boots can run more that $100.00, so costume boots are a steal at $30.00 and up.

If you find a black pair of tall boots, spray paint them brown, or just leave them black. No one keeps track of what color Jack's boots are. Remember, don't over-spend on boots that will only get worn once!

6. Yes, the Boy Wears Make Up

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
Traditional Face: For the traditional Jack, eyeliner is a must. Throw your macho whining aside and just put on the eyeliner, already. Plenty of girls will be happy to do this for you. Apply along both the top and bottom of the eyelid, as close to the eyelashes as possible. Use a bit of black makeup or mascara to smudge black from the outside corner of the top of your eyelids to the inside corner. Apply a touch of mascara to your eyelashes, sweeping from the base to the tip. Comb through to remove any clumps. Jack doesn’t get clumps.

Facial Hair – You will need a mustache and goatee. The goatee is about as wide as your lower lip, and braided into two sections.

7. Cannibal Jack Make Up

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume How-to
Walt Disney Pictures, All Rights Reserved
Another way to go with the makeup is to grab a friend that can draw an eyeball and go to town with some face paint. Have said friend paint eyeballs on the backs of your eyelids. Paint the entire eyelid white, then add a black dot in the middle.

Circle the dot with blue or green for an iris. Draw four more eyeballs in succession down each cheek. Sweep a line of green from the bridge of the nose to each eyeball.
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