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How to Make a Vampire Costume

Learn how to make a vampire costume with this complete photo tutorial.


Vampires are a classic Halloween costume that have come back in recent years with the success of Twilight. Here are a few elements of vampire costumes from classic to modern styles.

1. What Kind of Vampire Do You Want to Be?

Vampire Costume
Paula Bronstein / Getty Images
Before you put together your vampire costume, I bet you already have a good idea of what type of vampire you want to be.

With the success of Twilight, many young costumers are opting for a more casual vampire look ala Edward and Bella. These are really easy to do because they don't require any fancy elements.

A Victorian-era style vampire in the style of Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire is a timeless style of vamp that doesn't go out of style. The components of these costumes, however, can be complicated and expensive. I'll show you how to get them on the cheap.

The traditional white face and draping cape of a Dracula-era vampire is always a hit with the kids and materials for these costumes are easy to find.

2. Twilight Vampires

Twilight Edward Costume
Summit Entertainment

Twilight vampires have a style all their own that deviates from the damp, gothic catacombs of Dracula or Lestat. Learn how to create this sparkly modern wonder.

Edward Cullen Costume

3. The Gothic Undead

Gothic Vampire
Sharon Dominick / Getty Images
Boy, do those goths have style. Since goth is a style all it's own, it is easy to find these parts to your gothic vampire costume. However, you could save some money with these gothic looks you can make at home: Get more ideas for your costume with this Gallery of Gothic Styles

4. A Classy Victorian Vamp

Gothic Umbrella
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
The lofty and sophisticated vampires of lace and leather are a standard approach to a blood-sucking persona. One way to accomplish this look without spending a lot of cash is to hit your local thrift store with old-fashioned touches in mind.

Thrift Store Finds: Pick up a pair of boots or dark heels at the thrift store, but don't waste your time looking for the right puffy shirt and period-style hat. Guys, try to find an old suit that comes close in fit.

For a cheap ladies costume, you can make many elements that are expensive in stores. Make your own corset top and long skirt with these simple tutorials.

5. Traditonal Dracula

Dracula Costume
Nick White / Photodisc
You can always go with the old school Dracula-style of vampire. It never goes out of style and is immediately recognizable.

Ladies: Create a corset top to wear with a white dress shirt. Wear a dark skirt, long or short. A pair of boots or heels will both work with this look. Make a long hooded cape, and style your hair in a neatly polished look.

Guys: Wear a white shirt with a vest. Red and black work best for Dracula vest colors. The small tie at Dracula's neck can be imitated with a simple piece of black ribbon tied under the collar. Wear a pair of dress pants and nice shoes. Don't forget to slick back your hair and add a small 'widows peak' at the middle of the hairline with a bit of dark makeup that matches your hair color.

6. Universal Vampire Makeup

Vampire Makeup
Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Adding a touch of death to your face is universal among all vampires costumes.

For all vamps, a little bit of purple and red under the eyes gives a good undead impression. Powder the entire face for a white look. White cream makeup can be used, but apply sparingly, blotting and blending well. Make a batch of fake blood to drip at a corner of the lips. Add dots on the neck for a bite.

Ladies: Apply a generous amount of mascara and makeup to the eyes. Victorian vamps are always gorgeous and without facial flaw. Skip the blush to maintain the death look and apply a dark lip color.

Guys: Add the dark circles under the eyes and create a slightly hollow cheek by blending a light sponging of black makeup under the cheekbones. Don't overdo it.

7. The Fangs

Vampire Teeth
Rob Melnychuk
Let's face it. One vampire accessory that is hard to go without is the teeth. Here are some sources to find a set of teeth that won't make you look like you've got a mouth full of mini marshmallows.
  • Stage Fangs (Compare Prices) by Toynk Toys are a cheap option.
  • Fangs with Fake Blood Capsules (Compare Prices) by Scarecrow come with stage blood to help complete the look.
  • Custom Designed Fangs (Compare Prices) by Sexy Bites
  • Custom Fit Fangs (Compare Prices) from Costume Express are a dental-cap kind of fang that snap in place.

8. Vampire Jewelry to Make

Vampire Ring
Rain Blanken
A truly great costume is created with lots of details. Jewelry can fill in your look, and these glittering touches can be made for free.
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