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Dog Costume Ideas for Halloween

Dress up your pooch with these easy Halloween costumes for dogs.


Halloween is a time when everyone gets to be something different than what they actually are. Teachers can dress up and become a Rockette. A doctor can become a vampire. A dog can become a... handbag? Even dogs are getting in on the Halloween act these days, and here are some of the funniest and cutest costumes out there for your ambitious pooch.

1. Bottoms Up! - Dog Martini Costume

If your hound recently got into a little trouble and had to be put in the “cone of shame”, they can at least make the perfect martini. Your dog would probably prefer chasing his tail to being shaken or stirred, though. This one gets my vote for one of the fastest costumes with a lot of impact.

I suggest using a Styrofoam ball for the olive, and a dowel rod for the toothpick. Keep a close eye on your dog while in this costume... you don't want him chewing on that giant fake olive!

2. The Puppy Purse

This handbag costume is perfect for any Fido that wishes he was just a little smaller so that he can go everywhere in your purse. If your dog already does go everywhere with you, they should feel right at home.

For this costume, just reuse an old purse, cut down the sides. Tie the straps around their collar for that sheik designer look.

3. Best Franken Friend - Frankenweenie Costume

If your dog prefers to be more whimsical, these next two costumes are perfect. The Frankenstein costume lets your dog believe that he is indeed as tough and scary as his bark.

4. Prehistoric Pup - Dinosaur Costume

Dog Dinosaur Costume
photo by petsadviser
This costumes perfect for pooches that want to go back to the good old days. Way back. This t-rex costume lets any dog feel like the top of the food chain, even if they are all of 5 pounds.

5. The Three Headed Dog... or Temptation

The three-headed dog costume lets him see that three heads are better than one. For a little more fun, add a halo to one head and devil horns to other and find out which little pup they decide to listen to.

6. Yarrrr - Pirate Costume for Dogs

If your dog is a digger, he’s probably out there digging for buried treasure so that you can buy him all the bones he could wish for. This costume not only makes him feel accomplished, but also a little like a pirate that once sailed the seven seas.

7. Giddyup - Horse and Jockey Costume for Dogs

For the dog that has somewhat more realistic expectations, there is a racing pooch costume. This costume can double as a practice outfit if your hound really is going for the gold in his next race to the nearest fire hydrant.

8. King of the Jungle - Lion Costume for Dogs

This lion costume is a great option for larger dogs, and would pair well with a safari outfit of your own. This one would be easy to make with just a bit of store-bought fake fur.

9. Little Stinker - Skunk Costume for Dogs

This skunk costume is perfect for that pooch that just wants to play with his new friend in the yard without having to get a bath when he’s done. This one is especially funny if your dog has had a recent run-in with a skunk.

10. Mini Puppy Pope

Dog Pope Costume
Getty Images
Whether you decide to be a naughty nun or a sweet sister, a tiny little Pope puppy could really finish your look. This one could be store-bought or created with a little bit of shiny satin fabric.

11. Little Monkey

Monkey Dog Costume
Getty Images
A dog's brown jacket hood can easily be turned into a little monkey with a few scraps of fake fur. Add little ears to the hood and a banana patch to the front of the jacket. This is a great option for thos ecute flat-faced dogs that could really pass as goofy little monkeys.

12. More Costume Ideas

make feathered mask
Rain Blanken

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