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How to Make a Yarn Wig


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How to Make a Yarn Wig
How to Make a Yarn Wig

Yarn wigs are easy to make.

Rain Blanken
A yarn wig is useful for a number of costumes, or just some dress-up fun. I've seen some tutorials online involving a lot of glue. Not only is that a big mess, but you're left with a wig that is stiff and brittle. Instead, just use a knit cap and matching yarn. The look is more natural and much easier to make. I'll show you how.

What You'll Need:

  • A knit or crochet winter hat
  • One skein of yarn that matches the hat
  • Crochet hook or bent paper clip
  • A piece of chalk
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
  • A pillow
Once you've gathered your materials, we can get started.

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