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Rain's Fake Blood Recipes
Dripping fake blood recipe

Dripping fake blood recipe

Rain Blanken
There is a lot of nice fake blood out on the market, but the ingredients are so inexpensive and easy to mimic at home. Let's look at more than a few ways to create a blood that is a romantic or disgusting as you like:
  • Spray-Bottle Blood - Use this thin blood recipe to flick with a paintbrush or spray from a bottle.
  • Dark, Thin Blood - This is a lightweight blood that is suitable for smearing on your clothes or hand printing walls.
  • Thick, Realistic Blood - This is a brownish blood, great for creating the look of old blood on clothing.
  • Gross Blood - The flakes of skin make it extra delicious.
  • Dripping Blood - A great consistency for dripping down walls, tables and, okay, maybe even your face.

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