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Make a Fake Beard


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Cut Out and Wear
Make a Fake Beard

Cut your beard along the top, and behind the hair along the bottom.

Rain Blanken
Cut the front of your baggie away from the unused side. You can save that for more mustache and beardy fun. Flip the side over that you have glued hair to. You should be able to see your stencil now. Cut out your beard along the top. On the sides and bottom, cut only the baggie so that the extra hair is hanging. You can trim these hairs as you like.

Use 'spirit gum' to adhere the beard to your face. Spirit gum is sold with fake eyelashes, and can easily be found in a costume shop or department store during the Halloween season. Since we used a baggie, it will peel up easily when you're done with your disguise.

Make a mustache to accompany your chin patch, or try making a yarn wig for a complete disguise.

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