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How-to Rainbow Brite Costume

How-to Rainbow Brite Costume


Rainbow Brite Costume

Rainbow Brite Costume by Rubie's

There are a few skimpy Rainbow Brite costumes on the market, but not everyone wants to wear lingerie in public. Here is a more modest Rainbow Brite costume.

  • The Hair - Rainbow Brite has a cascade of thick blonde hair secured at the top of her head. Hang your head upside-down and brush the hair to the top of your head. Leave a 2” chunk of hair loose at the middle of your forehead. Secure the ponytail with a hair band.

    Apply a large-barreled curling iron to the back of your ponytail, close to your head. This will add volume. Spray liberally with hairspray on the top and bottom of your ponytail. Use a small curling iron to create tight and soft tendrils at the ends of your hair. Brush the chunk of hair on your forehead to the left and hairspray in place. Curl the ends of this chunk. You can tuck it behind your ear if needed. Tie a blue ribbon around the hair band and form a large bow at the top of your head.

  • Wig Option If Rainbow's hair is a bit of an intimidating project, you can build your own yellow yarn wig with my easy yarn wig tutorial, complete with diagrams. All you need is yarn and a winter hat.

  • The Dress – As long as you wear a short blue dress with rainbow accents, then you have nailed Rainbow Brite’s look (or try these Rainbow Brite-inspired looks). Trim the bottom hem of the dress with thick white ribbon all the way around for a more authentic look. Find a pair of rainbow socks and cut the feet off to make rainbow arm-warmers. For a more stylish look, you could find an array of thick bangles in all sorts of colors and wear them up to your forearms. Strap a red belt around the middle of your dress. If you have a rainbow patch, hot glue it to the middle of the belt.

  • The Boots – The moon boots are a key ingredient to this costume. Find a pair of white snow boots. Preferably, find snow boots that have been sewn into three sections at the top of the boot. Leave the top of the boot white. Paint a thick green stripe around the next sections of the boot top, and then a thick blue stripe on the bottom section. Top to bottom should be white, green, then blue. Paint the foot of the boot red, and the toe of the boot yellow. Use a picture of Rainbow Brite for reference while painting. For a more stylish look, wear rainbow leg warmers and a pair of blue or white heels. Even white go-go boots will work.

  • The Face - Use costume makeup to paint a little purple star under your cheek. Don’t use anything but face makeup, or you may break out. Try this rainbow eye shadow tutorial to pop those peepers.

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