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Strawberry Shortcake Costume How-To

Make a Strawberry Shortcake Costume


Strawberry Shortcake Costume

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Rain Blanken
So you want to look disgustingly cute, huh? Well, you can’t go wrong in that department with a Strawberry Shortcake costume. The best part about this costume is that the elements aren’t hard to find or make yourself.

  • The Dress – To simulate Strawberry’s look without a lot of Lolita effort, find a pink dress of any kind, or a pink top and skirt. Traditionally, Strawberry would have a skirt on her dress that puffs out with the use of a petticoat, but you can have a slimmer skirt to go for a more updated or urban Strawberry Shortcake look.

  • The Apron – Hit the thrift store and see if you can find a white apron. If not, try trimming the long bottom off of a standard BBQ or restaurant apron. Make it a few inches shorter than your skirt. Get white lace or ruffled trim for less than a dollar a yard at your local craft store. Bring your apron with you to the craft store so you are sure to get enough You will want to trim the apron all around the outside of the shoulder straps and along the bottom, as well as along the inside of the shoulder straps and along the collar.

    The finishing touch for the apron is to add a strawberry patch. If you can’t find one at your craft or department store, use fabric paint on the front of the apron instead. Be sure to pencil your design before painting.

  • The Tights – This is crucial. You may change up the dress, but the tights have to be green and white striped stockings. Knee-high socks will work, but remember your color scheme. Strawberry Shortcake just doesn’t look right without the correct stems.

  • The Hat – The Strawberry Shortcake from the 80’s wore a ridiculous puffy hat. Instead, try a red headband with a strawberry patch on it. You can even make a nice strawberry out of construction paper or fabric pieces. Look around your local dollar store for strawberry shaped barrettes. As long as you keep up the strawberry imagery and pink/red/green theme, no one will notice or care that you’re not wearing the frumpy hat.

  • The Makeup – Heavy blush on your cheeks. Go for some glitter and green eyeshadow on your lids, and a sweet peach or pink lipstick.

  • The Shoes – Any pair of maryjanes will work here, preferably in brown. Alternately, you could wear any variety of pink or red heels.

  • Jewelry Options – Get your hands on any kind of strawberry rings you can find. All manner of red, pink, green or white bangles and bracelets are fair game, too. Have fun with this one and let your imagination run wild. I have used extra trimming from the apron to make cuffs to wear at my wrists. Simply measure the trim around your wrist, cut, add a button to one side and a slit on the other. I have also seen girls buy two pairs of striped stocking or socks and cut the second pair into matching arm warmers.
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