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Make a Princess Beatrice Hat

Recreate this over-the-top headgear for your next wedding (costume party!)


Make a Princess Beatrice Hat

Make a Princess Beatrice Hat

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Philip Treacy designed many of the hats at the Royal Wedding, but none so famous as that topping the noggin of Princess Beatrice of York. The ribbon on this hat was more Lady Gaga in style. It was quickly deemed by many to be a look too overpowering for any wedding guest, much less that of a royal wedding. Why should Princess Beatrice have all the fun? I say we make our own to wear out to equally appropriate venues. I'm thinking the Post Office, Macy's, and yes, an upcoming wedding.

The Fascinator:
Hats with the small round base pinned to the hair are called fascinators. To create the fascinator, try the base part of this tutorial by Calli Woolgar. There is a great photo there of clipping and stapling cardboard to make the base. With your hat, cover the base with a light colored fabric that we can paint later.

The Loop
At your local craft store, buy an oval Styrofoam hoop. These can be found in the floral arrangement section. If your hoop is too thick, shave it down with an exacto-knife or some fine grit sandpaper.

The Ribbon
To create this ribbon, I suggest getting a roll of the wide, wired ribbon from your local craft store. This kind of ribbon is often used for making wreaths. To get the 3-dimensional look of her hat, use two strips of ribbon, each about 60 inches long. Hot glue the wires of each layer together so that you have a kind of tube. Manipulate the ribbon so that you are creating space between them. Sculpt the ribbon using the provided photos as a reference. Make and paint the middle piece of the ribbon separately, being sure to measure it on the Styrofoam hoop.

The Paint
We need to paint all of our pieces with a textured flesh tone. I suggest using Krylon 'Make it Stone' as a base layer (in White Onyx), then going over it with any flesh-toned matte spray paint. The key here is to get a little bit of the felted texture of Princess Beatrice's hat without a lot of shine.

Paint the fascinator base, hoop and ribbon separately. Let all of the pieces dry completely before assembling.

Putting it all together (Large Reference Photos)

  • Tack the ribbon to the top of the hoop with a straight pin.

  • Use hot glue to affix the hoop to the base of the hat. In case of high winds or a lot of activity, loop thin fishing line or clear elastic thread around the hoop, stitching it to the base.

  • To connect the the middle piece of the ribbon, use a pin or safety pin on the back of the hat.
Strutting It
The most important part of wearing this hat is pretending that you are wearing a perfectly appropriate piece of headgear. Strut your stuff, go heavy on the eye makeup, and make no apologies. Own it!

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