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Make a Jersey Shore Costume

Learn how to create costumes to portray the cast of Jersey Shore.


Jersey Shore Costumes

Jersey Shore Costumes

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Ah, Jersey Shore. Say what you will about this show, but the ratings don't lie. People love watching Snooki and the crew stumble their way through love, fights and fist-pumping. Hang on Guidettes, because a Jersey Shore group costume can be fun, and of course... cheap.

The Tan:
Grab a few tons of spray tan and go to town to get just the right orange hue. This one is authentic, because little Snooki even switched to spray-on tan in lieu of frying in the sun.

The Snooki Bump:
Snooki may be short, but she is resourceful, adding height to her frame with her famous 'pouf'. For the Snooki bump, try these complete step-by-step Snooki bump instructions About.com's Guide to Women's Hair. She'll show you how to recreate the whole look, even which products work best for the job.

The Rhinestone Snooki Shades:
Create Snooki's ridiculous blinged-out sunglasses that she showed off all over Miami in Jersey Shore Season 2. Just grab a glue gun and follow this simple Snooki Sunglasses tutorial from Sunglass Warehouse. Don't forget to ask a friend to help lead you around. I don't know how Snooki sees in those things!

The... Situation:
A 'Situation' costume requires nothing more than abs, a tan and short hair. In case you're not hitting a laundry, tan, gym regimen, I suggest using a costume muscle chest. They make them in foam-filled shirts (see chest), or an inexpensive and silly chest plate (see chest). Skip the shirt, or wear an unbuttoned shirt over your new rippling abs.

The DJ Pauly D Blowout:
Once again, I am without words, and the amount of hair gel required for this tutorial. Here is Pauly D himself to tell you how to master his Guido style.

J-Woww Assets:
What is it you notice first about J-Woww? Her personality? Perhaps it is... her eyes? The J-Woww wardrobe is, let's face it, chest intense. She has a situation of her own going on, and she isn't afraid to show it off.

One of her most famous inspirations is an unbuttoned plaid shirt tied at the waist with nothing else underneath. Feeling modest? Show off someone else's boobs instead of your own with a fake costume chest (see the fake boobs) that ties around your back.

Sammy Sweetheart Wardrobe:
Slip on a short slinky dress with heels. It's that easy.

Grab that (see chest) Situation chest, then wear the tightest t-shirt you can find that won't squash your fake muscles. Don't forget the gold chain. Stand near Sammy Sweetheart and try to strike up an argument.

The Vinny Look:
Vinny doesn't get in a lot of bar fights, so you many not have noticed him before. Dress up one of your quiet friends in a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Tell him to smile a lot and stand in the background while you scream at your other Jersey Shore cohorts.

Deena Nicole Cortese:
Deena is new to the show in the upcoming Season 3, so most people may not know who she is, other than the obvious Guidette tendencies. Use your spray tan, Snooki bump, tight dress, and heels formula to make a generic Guidette costume, then pal around with the Snooki of your group.

Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick:

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