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The subtle look is sometimes the best.


Use this photo and tips as inspiration for your own Lady Gaga costume.
Lady Gaga attends a CD Signing For 'Monster' at Best Buy

Lady Gaga attends a CD Signing For 'Monster' at Best Buy on November 23, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

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Sometimes, Lady Gaga has better things to do than show off Elton John's hand-me-downs. A popular look for her is dark glasses, hot red lipstick and subdued clothing.

  • Hair: Unless you have naturally blond tresses, you are in need of a wig. Classic Gaga style looks great with long, softly curled hair, or straight hair with bangs.

  • Sunglasses: Stick with black and pick something without a wire frame. Black plastic frames with dark lenses work best, and can be found for cheap.

  • Makeup: This is a classic, dramatic look. Porcelain matte skin with a heavy red lip (How to Apply Red Lipstick), and try a smokey eye (Smokey Eye Tutorial) to create some drama when you peek over those shades.

  • Clothing: Wear something well-tailored and black. This isn't a casual look. Go polished and bring a lint brush. Choose sleek heels or boots and bring the aloof attitude. Remember, you're a stahhhr!

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