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French Maid Costume


The french maid is a hot classic.
French Maid Costume

French Maid Costume

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The outfit
There is no getting around this one...you'll need a maid's uniform. Don't worry, we can make one out of a few things you can chance finding at the thrift store or around the house. At the thrift store, try to find a little black dress. If it doesn't have a poofy skirt, you can still make it work.

Find an apron at home or at the thrift store. Cut the bottom to make it shorter than your dress. Scallop the edges to give it a fancier look. If you like, you can also sew eyelet trim around the edges. Wear sheer black tights and black or white shoes.

The hat:
For the maid's headpiece, use what's left of your apron. Cut an oval out of the material that is slightly wider than your head, about as big as your hand. Trim this piece all around the edges in eyelet lace. Hot glue this onto a white headband, or a headband wrapped in white ribbon.

The makeup:
Be sure to put on hot red lipstick with this costume. The red will look like a shocking burst of color alongside the black and white. Put on lots of mascara and a little color on the eyes.

Don't forget the feather duster! This is a fun prop at parties.

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