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How-to Severus Snape Costume


Everyone loves to hate Snape, but there are plenty of Snapethizers out there who would disagree. Learn how to make a Snape costume with this photo tutorial.
How-to Snape Costume

How-to Snape Costume

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The Robes
Snape wears robes that have special sleeves that flare out a lot at the arms and are split up to the shoulder.
  • Use this tutorial for How-To Robes and simply line it with black instead of green. Split each sleeve up the side. Make sure you mark extra-wide sleeves before cutting out the robe.

The Potion Master Jacket
The black jacket that Snape wears under his robes has a high collar and reaches down to just past his knees. The large black buttons start at the neck and end at the bottom of his chest. There are also buttons from the elbows to the wrists on the sleeves.

You can simulate the potion master's jacket by turning up the collar on a black robe and adding buttons down the front. Use safety pins to gather the robe at your back so that it has a tighter fit. For the sleeves, add buttons from elbow to wrist, making sure that they gather the fabric of the robe when fastened.

The Shirts
Underneath the potion master jacket, wear a white collared shirt. This should show a little underneath the unbuttoned high collar of the jacket.

The Pants
One of the easiest parts of this costume is the pants. Wear a pair of black slacks, or make your own simple black drawstring pants.

The Boots
Snape wears black square-toe boots that are usually covered by his long black pants. This is good news for you because you won't have to worry about what the tops of the boots look like. Find any pait of square-toe boots at the thrift store. Apply black shoe polish if they aren't the right color.

The Hair
Wear your hair in a shaggy black cut that is parted down the middle. I suggest smoothing a touch of mousse over the top of the hair to slick it down and add a slightly greasy look.

Dying your hair black is easy because all hair types will take black color well. I suggest a henna hair color because it is gentle on your hair and typically lasts only 4-6 weeks. I've researched the best online prices on henna hair color.

The Wand
Snape uses a polished black wand. It has a few inches of carvings on the helm, but the rest is smooth to the tip.
Any thin stick can be made into a wand. Peel off any bark and use a piece of sandpaper to smooth down the sides of the stick. For a pointed end, use a small knife to whittle the end of the stick. Shaving the end of the stick should be done with adult supervision. Apply a dark wood varnish to your smoothed wand. You can also spring for a toy Harry Potter wand (compare prices).

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