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How-To Death Eater Costume

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Death Eaters may be scary, but these costumes are frighteningly easy to make. Learn how to make a Death Eater costume.
How-To Death Eater Costume

How-To Death Eater Costume

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The Hooded Cape
You'll need a large black robe or cape. Button or tie it down the middle, so what you wear underneath doesn't matter.

The Mask
You can make a Death eater mask that looks like the ones from the movies, or you can come up with your own design. You can make a mask that fits your face perfectly with just a little newspaper and some glue. After you've made your mask, it's easy to paint on your death eater designs.

The Pants
Again, the robe pretty much takes care of any other clothing issues. Wear a pair of black slacks, or make your own simple black drawstring pants.

The Shoes
Go with a pair of hefty black boots. Even black sneakers will work in a pinch, and for kids.

The Gloves
Wear a pair of black leather gloves. Any black gloves will do, really.

The Hair
Slick your hair back with gel and keep the hood of your robe up to draw attention away from your hair.

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