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Fairy Costume


One of the most versatile costumes on earth. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.
Fairy Costume

Fairy Costume

Rain Blanken
You just can't go wrong with a fairy costume because there are so many possibilities. You can be a winter fairy, spring fairy, water fairy...it's your call. The most important part is to stick to a theme.

The wings:
My hottest tip for fairies is to make your own wings.

The dress:
This is up to you and whatever fairy you want to be. For a water fairy, choose something flowing. A fire fairy will call for a shorter skirt. Visit your fabric store and look for specialty fabrics. Get a 1/2 yard and then play with it. Tie it on your waist with some ribbon, make wrist bands out of it, attach it to a hair clip...the sky is the limit with a fairy costume.

An easy way to make a fairy costume is to hack up an old prom dress.

The shoes:
Again, it's up to you. Boots on fairy's are very cute. You can wear leggings with heels...whatever you like!

The makeup:
Glitter here, glitter there...glitter everywhere! Heavy eye makeup, lipstick, even lots of blush is good on fairies.

Armed with bubbles, you can add some fun to the party. You can add fake flowers and leaves to a bubble bottle to make it match your fairy theme. Turn a bottle of bubbles into a matching accessory.

Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

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