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Old MacDonald and Animals Group Costume

With a *blank blank* here, and a *blank blank* there...


An easy and fun group costume, a farmer and barnyard animals is easy and can accommodate any size group.
Old MacDonald and Farm Animals Costume

Old MacDonald and Farm Animals Costume

Photo by RBerteig
What do you need for this costume?
  • Farmer - Overalls, boots and a straw or cowboy hat. Easy!
  • Cow - You don't need a full-on cow costume. Use black fabric paint to put large spots on a white t-shirt. Blow up a couple of surgical gloves, tie the ends, then staple the wrist to the shirt to make udders.
  • Chicken - For this costume, you can really wear anything, as long as you have a feather boa that you can snip and staple to the cuffs and collar of your shirt. IF you've got time, stitch instead of staple.
  • Scarecrow - Staple raffia or straw to the inside of the cuffs and collar of a plaid shirt. Wear jeans and boots.
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