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70's Disco Costume


This one is sure to bring out the funk...and a few laughs.
70's Disco Costume How-to

70's Disco Costume How-to

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The hair:
If you have the hair for it, the afro is all yours. Without the tiny curls, you'll have to go out and buy an afro wig. My tip for the wig is to go with any color afro. Red and blonde fro's are big hits at parties.

The clothes:
The thrift store is the #1 spot to find items for a 70's disco costume. Look for polyester slacks. Wear a belt and tuck in a button-down shirt.

You can also make a pair of bell bottoms using a pair of old jeans.

With any luck, you'll be able to find a shirt with paisley or some other kind of loud print. Otherwise, tie-dye or spray paint a shirt of your own.

The shoes
Put on a pair of loafers, some gold chain bracelets and a large pair of aviator sunglasses. The shoes should be nice loafers for an authentic look.

The attitude:
Don't forget, you're the coolest thing since 8-track tapes.

Disco Check List:

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