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Corpse Bride Costume

Learn how to make a Corpse Bride costume.


If you are looking to recreate Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, don't spend all your cash on one of those bagged costumes at the Halloween store.
Corpse Bride Costume How-To

Corpse Bride Costume

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The oufit:
For the authentic Corpse Bride look, use a gown that you can cut up. The thrift store is a good source for this. Cut a hole in the side of the lower chest. You can paper mache a set of fake ribs that is slightly wider than the hole in the dress. Slip this in underneath the dress and hot glue into place. For this plan, you'll have to wear a slip underneath so your paper mache doesn't irritate your skin.

The makeup:
Emily has a blueish face with dark circles under her eyes. Wear a lush lipstick and no blush on the cheeks.

The hair:

  • Do not use spray-in haircolor! The hair color will come off onto your wedding dress.
  • Make a wig:
    Corpse Bride wigs sell for more than $30.00 at a costume store and are just made from blue and white yarn. You can purchase skeins of blue and white yarn at your craft store for a few bucks. I have put together complete tutorial on how to make a yarn wig. It takes just a few minutes and doesn't involve any glue.

The veil
You may luck out and find a cheap veil at a thrift store. If not, use a headband, ribbon and some white tulle. Tulle is a stiff, mesh poofy fabric. Wrap the headband in the white ribbon. Gather the tulle against the inside of the headband and hot glue it in place.

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