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Homemade Capes

See handmade capes customized by DIY Fashion readers.


A couple of years ago, I some photos and jotted down instructions for a simple step-by-step cape tutorial. I wanted something that was no-frills and easy for even the most beginner of stitchers. After a day’s worth of prancing around my house like a Jedi Knight, I chucked my cape tutorial up into the internet. Soon, a variety of (much better) capes boomeranged back to me, as DIY Fashion readers sent in photos and tips on the capes they created from my tutorial.

You guys took a simple set of instructions and really made them your own. I am, as always, humbled and amazed by your talents. Thanks so much for sending in your cape creations, I clearly couldn’t have done it better myself! Here are some of the most-viewed submissions to date.

1. Reversible Cape by Ash

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader Ash
DIY Fashion reader, Ash, shared photos of her two-in-one reversible cape. She tweaked my cape tutorial to make her own creation, which is really what I love. My tutorials are like guidelines that get the job done. It is so awesome when readers take those basic tutorials and use them as inspiration for something even better. Check out both sides of Ash’s cape.

2. Red and the Zombie Huntsman by Biance

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader Biance
DIY Fashion reader, Biance, followed my cape tutorial, but measured for a larger hood. The result is a dramatic, sweeping hood that frames her face for a night of fright with her poor zombie huntsman. How much do you love this photo of them together? Biance used a cord to make the tie around the neck instead of extra fabric, which is a real time saver. Get a larger view of her costume and learn more about how she made a larger hood.

3. Baby Fairy Cape by Ruth

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Ruth
Ruth made this cape for her cute 20 month old daughter who went as a fairy one year for Halloween. I don’t often see fairies in capes anymore, so this one was refreshing… not to mention adorable! Ruth used lace to cover up some stitching that she wasn’t happy with, a good tip if you are ever trying to give something a finished look. Learn how Ruth created this mini-cape for her mini fairy.

4. Death Eater Cape by Chad

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Chad
Chad made this creepy Death Eater cape for a costume party and ended up winning! Capes are a great way to create a mysterious, sinister look, and Chad certainly fits the bill, here. He thought I wouldn’t read his submission, but silly guy, I read them all! Check out Chad’s full costume and get a tip on making a scary cape look less ‘Hobbity’.

5. Two Months, Two Capes by Little Red Riding Hood

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Little Red Riding Hood
Contributed by DIY Fashion reader, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, these are two capes she made to wear, well, all the time! Red Riding Hood has been wearing her cape for two months as a performance art piece. Her online journal tells of her daily cape wear around town, from a student protest to a swimming pool. Would you wear a cape for two months? Read more about Red’s journey in her capes, and how she made them.

6. Little Red Capelet by Kittymew

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Kittymew
DIY Fashion reader, ‘Kittymew’, sent in one of the first cape projects created from my cape tutorial. She shortened the length to create a stylish capelet. I love the idea for a capelet because it is less likely to get in the way at a crowded party. Nobody likes it when their cape gets stepped on. You got to check out the rest of her Little Red Riding Hood costume, too. She repurposed an old thrift store dress to get a fairy tale look. See her full costume and learn how she customized her cape.

7. Fast $15 Red Riding Hood Cape by Gen

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Gen
Gen made her cape with a bit of fabric scored for $15 at her local fabric store. She sewed her cape by hand, like many of our other cape makers. That’s one reason I designed the cape tutorial for beginners… you don’t need a lot of supplies to get a nice, finished look. The rest of her Little Red Riding Hood costume is also an inspired bargain, just right for a Halloween party.

8. Rose’s Halloween Cape

Homemade capes
DIY Fashion reader, Rose
DIY Fashion reader, Rose, sent in photos and a few instructions on how she made her cape, including the tools that she found useful along the way. Her cape is a flowing cape that could be used for a lot of different Halloween costumes. I’m thinking witch, sorceress, even a dark fairy or queen. See more of Rose’s long Halloween cape and get some tips from her on cape trimmings.

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