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Handmade Gifts


The best gifts are those that come from the heart. They also happen to be cost-effective, so you can give to everyone on your list this year. Here are some easy gifts that have a lot of impact.
  1. Holiday Jewelry to Make
  2. Quick Stocking Stuffers
  3. Gifts for Winter Warmth
  4. Easy Fashion to Give

Holiday Jewelry to Make

DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas, Chaunukka, Yule, Kwanzaa... whatever you celebrate, do it in style. Themed holiday jewelry is so fun to wear around the office and to all the festive parties this season. Give an early gift for someone to show off this season, or make one for yourself to add some instant cheer.

Quick Stocking Stuffers

Handmade Gift Ideas

These small projects take a short amount of time, but can add up to a sock that's more personal than the ones on their feet. Now that's getting personal.

Gifts for Winter Warmth

Finger Knitting - How to Finger Knit

Is there any bigger 'I love you' than a gift that keeps your buddy's booty warm? Create a scarf, gloves, hat or even a jacket to warm the hearts and bodies of everyone on your list.

Easy Fashion to Give

DIY Holiday Gifts

It's super because the results are incredible even for crafters who don't have a strong sewing background. A stitch here and there, and you have the perfect gift. The trick is to choose colors and styles that your giftee is already in love with.

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