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Christmas Earrings to Make

Learn how to make happy holiday earrings with the Christmas earring tutorials.


If you're in a pinch for some holiday cheer upon your ears, then these simple seed bead earrings are just the holiday miracle you've been looking for. With just a little wire and a handful of beads, these can be made in just minutes.

1. Present Earrings

Christmas Present Earring
Rain Blanken

These cute present earrings can be made in just mintues with common seed beads and jewelry wire.

2. Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings

Snowman Christmas Earrings
Rain Blanken

Use a few wire techniques to turn two lampwork snowmen beads into some holiday jewelry. These literally take minutes to make. From Tammy Powley, your Guide to Jewelry Making.

3. Snowman Earrings

Christmas Snowman Earrings
Rain Blanken

Each of these snowmen are made from a single piece of jewelry wire, strung with seed beads. Simple and cute!

4. Snowflake Earrings by The Work Room

Snowflake Earrings
The Work Room

Use small glass beads and fishing line to create these stunning glass earrings from The Work Room.

5. Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree Earrings
Rain Blanken
Use green seed beads and a few colorful ornament beads to make these festive Christmas tree earrings.

6. Wood, Wire and Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings

Wood, Wire and Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings
Tammy Powley

A little glitter adds a 3D affect to some simple painted wood pieces. Add some wire and a crystal on top of each one to make these earrings sparkle even more. From Tammy Powley, your Guide to Jewelry Making.

7. O Christmas Tree Brickstitch Earrings

Christmas Tree Earrings
Jennifer VanBenschoten

Use the brickstitch technique and a handful of beads to create these cute little trees. From Jennifer VanBenschoten.

8. Rainbow Snowflake Earrings

Rainbow Snowflake Earrings
Handmade Jewelry Club blog

These snowflake earrings add a splash of color to the holiday season. You could opt to use the colored beads suggested, or go for the traditional white and silver. From the Handmade Jewelry Club blog.

9. Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

Wire Christmas Tree Earrings
NTT_HOU at JewelryLessons.com

These earrings are so easy, because they are mostly wire, swirled elegantly into the shape of a holiday tree. From NTT_HOU at Jewelry Lessons

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