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Make Fake Blood - Fake Blood Recipes


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Make Fake Guts
Make Fake Guts

Make Fake Guts

Rain Blanken
This chunky substance can be used to gross out your party guests. Put it in bowls on the table or drip it onto your unsuspecting store-bought severed heads and such.

To make this gore, just whip up a batch of our Gross Blood recipe, and make a hunk of Fake Flesh. Make twice as much Fake Flesh as Gross Blood. Drop bits of fake flesh in the blood. If you have more blood than flesh, you will end up with prop blood that has a marbled pink hue to it and freezes mid-flow.

  • More Fake Blood Recipes:
  • Spray-Bottle Blood - This water-based recipe is great for spraying clothes with blood.
  • Dark, Thin Blood - This lightweight recipe is good for smearing on clothing or walls.
  • Thick, Realistic Blood - A touch of cocoa gives this thick blood a dark tint.
  • Gross Blood - With flakes of skin and scabs inside.
  • Fake Flesh - Make chunks of flesh using items found in your kitchen.
  • Dripping Blood - This reddish brown blood is the perfect consistency for dripping down the walls.
  • Scabs - Make a clump of bumpy brownish scabs. Yum!
  • Prop Guts - Use our fake flesh and gross blood recipes for disgusting decoration.
(Remember, red food coloring stains.)

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