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Make a Pressed Penny Bracelet - Penny Bracelet Tutorial


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Punch Holes in the Pennies
pressed penny bracelet

You may want to hammer your pressed pennies instead of drilling.

Rain Blanken
You may have seen some online tutorials for pressed penny jewelry that instruct you to drill holes in the pennies. I would advise that you only go that route if you have a workshop where shoes will be worn at all times and you are quite diligent about sweeping. This is because a nasty by-product of drilling pennies is a bunch of terrible little corkscrews of metal. They are tiny and determined to lodge themselves inside human skin.

I started this project by drilling my pennies and quickly learned the hard way that these sharp metal spirals need to be promptly and meticulously picked up and thrown away. The better alternative would be to use a simple hammer and nail. The results are very much the same and you don’t even need electricity to do the job. I used little carpenter’s nails to make small holes in my pennies.

Hold your penny down with a vice clamp tightened onto the table. It is very important for the penny to be held in place by a clamp of some sort so that it doesn’t offer any give when you are whacking away at the nail. You should be working on a scrap board or a table that you don’t mind pounding a nail through. An old picnic table is perfect.

Position the nail on the penny, leaving at least 1/8” of space from the edge. Hammer gently at first to anchor the nail in a nice dent. Drive the nail all the way through the penny, and then pull it back out.

You should have a nice little hole in your penny. Flip it over. Is there extra metal where the nail busted through? You can clamp the penny and hammer down these metal flaps to prevent yourself from getting scratched when the penny is around your wrist.

IF you need more help, I've written a comprehensive how-to on putting holes in pressed coins for all of the pressed coin jewelry tutorials that I'll be posting here at the site.

Next, let's link the pressed coins together...

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