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Chunky Bangle Bracelets

Make Your Own Chunky Bracelets


Decoupage Bracelet Tutorial

Decoupage Bracelet Tutorial

Rain Blanken
In Target and Hot Topic, chunky plastic bangles dangle like candy in front of my eyes. They also carry nasty price tags. I avoid draining my wallet by scoping out the latest styles in the store, then crafting my own spin-offs at home.

This tip came from 'Fashion Kitty', a regular at the DIY Fashion Forum. She says to visit the hardware store and pick up a short length of PVC pipe that you can fit your hand and wrist into. Use a fine-toothed hacksaw or even a serrated knife to cut the pipe into thick slices that will be your bracelets.

Use decoupage to layer magazine cut-outs or even patterned wallpaper onto your PVC slices. Remember to apply decoupage before and after each layer until the entire bracelet is covered. When it's dry, you'll have a bangle that is just as good as those selling for $10.00 or more at the department stores.

You can also decoupage over a plain bracelet with this complete photo tutorial: Decoupage a Bracelet

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