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How to Make a Hemp Bracelet

Make a Hemp Bracelet


Hemp Bracelets

Hemp Toggly Bracelet by Tammy Powley

Tammy Powley
Hemp bracelets can add a natural look to your style. You can add beads and charms to them, or leave them as-is and enjoy the beauty of the intricate knots. Learn to make not only a simple hemp bracelet, but lots of variations.

Learn how to macrame:

Simple Macrame Bracelets:

Once you've mastered the easy stuff, take your mad macrame skills to the next level with designs that are a bit more complicated. Take care, though, macrame can get ugly.

Advanced Macrame Bracelets:

Beaded Macrame Patterns

For more hemp projects, see the hemp jewelry gallery.

[More Bracelet Projects to Try]

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