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How to Make Bracelets

How to Make Bracelets. Learn how to make bracelets using hemp, beads, clasps and more for your DIY fashion.
  1. Elastic Bracelets
  2. Beadwork Bracelet Projects

Top Bracelet Projects
Learn to make bracelets out of everyday household objects.

Submit your Paint Sample Bracelet Photos
Have you made a bracelet out of paint samples? Submit photos of your bracelets and share a little about your experience.

Make a Paint Sample Bracelet
Make a Paint Sample Bracelet.

Card Bracelets
Card Bracelets. Bracelets made from credit cards, Monopoly cards, playing cards and more found items. See all the recycled card bracelets.

How-To Origami Bracelet
How-To Origami Bracelet, paper bracelet, make origami bracelet, origami paper bracelet

Spiral Friendship Bracelet
Learn how to make a friendship bracelet with this photo tutorial from Rain Blanken, Your DIY Fashion Expert.

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet
A hemp bracelet is a quick and easy way to make a bracelet that can hold any beads you want to throw at it. Learn how to make a hemp bracelet with these patterns, tutorials and information.

Chunky Bangle Bracelets
How to make chunky bangles. Learn to make your own chunky bracelets.

How to Make a Toothbrush Bracelet
Learn how to make a toothbrush bracelet with this complete photo tutorial from your DIY Fashion Expert, Rain Blanken.

Make a Button Bracelet
Learn how to make a button bracelet with these easy step-by-step instructions from Rain Blanken, your DIY Fashion Expert.

Potato Chip Bracelet
Easy step-by-step instructions to create your own potato chip bag bracelet and armband.

Craft a Picture Frame Bracelet
Follow these easy instructions to make a bracelet that will display eight small photos.

Jean Bracelet Craft for Teens
This easy bracelet can be made with scrap of fabric from your jeans projects.

Make a Sock Wristband
Make a punky wristband using only a sock. These easy step-by-step instructions will show you how.

Friendship Bracelets for Beginners
Make a colorful bracelet or anklet using embroidery floss. From your About.com Parenting Teens Guide.

Make a Safety Pin Bracelet
Transform ordinary safety pins into a beautiful bracelet. Erin Huffstetler, your Guide to Frugal Living will show you how!

Cable Friendship Bracelet
Make a colorful bracelet or anklet using embroidery floss. From your About.com Teen Parenting Guide.

Midnight at the Oasis
Use a peyote stitch to create this Henna-inspired bracelet with a Cleopatra feel. Paula S. Morgan, your Guide to Beadwork, will show you how.

Glitter Gather Beaded Bracelet
Make this very glitzy Glitter Gather Beaded Bracelet with Swarivski bicone beads, some crystal rondelles and a variety of shining silver beads for a beaded bracelet that makes a blazing statement. Paula S. Morgen, your Guide to Beadwork, will show you how.

Copper Leaf Bracelet
Learn how to make this copper bracelet from seed beads and a copper leaf clasp. From our Guide to Beadwork.

Plastic Bag Bracelet
Plastic Bag Bracelet. Learn how to make a quick bracelet out of plastic bags with this complete photo tutorial.

Handmade Bracelet Photos from DIY Readers
Handmade Bracelet Photos. Readers show off their finished Handmade Bracelet projects. See submissions

Make a Safety Pin Bracelet
Make a safety pin bracelet with this simple step-by-step tutorial.

put a hole in a penny
put a hole in a penny

Beadwork Bracelets
Lots of great free beading patterns for beaded bracelets from Paula S. Morgan, your Guide to Beadwork.

Make a Pressed Penny Bracelet
Create a linked bracelet using pressed pennies and some simple tools.

Make a Milk Tab Bracelet
Make a milk tab bracelet with these easy photo instructions from Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion Expert.

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