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Beadwork Necklace Tutorials

Create a variety of necklaces using beadwork stitches with these complete photo tutorials.
  1. Beadwork Bracelet Projects
  2. Beadwork Stitch Tutorials

Multistrand Freeform
Use many strands of beads to create a chunky necklace with flow.

Netted Collar Necklace
This is a big, bold necklace that uses a netted pattern to create a flowery collar.

African Helix
Create a thick spiraled cord with this free tutorial and instructions.

African Netting Necklace
This is a lacy net necklace that creates thick points of color.

Typewriter Key Pendant
use an old typewriter key and seed beads to make this monogrammed pendant.

Tiny Bottle Pendant
Cover a little bottle in beads for this unique seed bead pendant.

Bedouin Necklace
This is a large beaded necklace that has a macrame look to it.

Spotted Black Choker
This lacy black choker follows a pattern of circles and spots.

Fall Leaf Choker
This choker of stitched beads looks like it has leaves falling all the way around.

Herringbone Cord Necklace
This necklace uses only the herringbone stitch to create a flat strand of tilted beads.

Hugs & Kisses with a Twist
This is a lacy necklace with a softly twisting pattern.

Lotus Jewel Necklace
A lacy necklace that looks like lotus petals with jewels in the center of each.

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