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T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial


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Cut the T-Shirt Squares
Cut T-Shirt Quilt Squares

Cut T-Shirt Quilt Squares

Rain Blanken
Decide what size you would like your t-shirt squares to be. Usually, a 12-16" square will allow for the logo on the shirt. Add 1/4" on each side for seam allowance (what is seam allowance?). For example, if you want your t-shirt squares to be 12" finished, then cut 12 1/2" squares to allow for the seams.

How many squares do you need to cover a queen-sized bed? If you are making the quilt for a specific bed, try this guide to standard matress sizes.

While scissors will work, a rotary cutter and mat are going to make this job a lot easier. A rotary cutter is like a pizza cutter for fabrics.

Need some inspiration for your t-shirt quilt? Our Guide to Quilting, Janet Wickell, has an extensive gallery of t-shirt quilt photos submitted by About.com readers. See the gallery of T-shirt quilts.

Once your t-shirt squares are cut, let's add some iron-on interfacing...

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