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How to Tie Tie: Half-Windsor Knot


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How to Tie Tie: Half-Windsor Knot
How to tie a tie: half-windsor necktie knot

How to tie a tie: half-windsor necktie. This is a mirror image.

Rain Blanken
Do you know how to tie a tie? The half-Windsor knot is a tidy, asymmetrical knot, and is probably the most common way to tie a necktie. It has just a couple of extra steps more than the four-in-hand knot, where we will loop it an additional time over the neck loop.

The knot that the half-Windsor produces is skinny, but wider than the four-in-hand. This dressy knot is suitable for business and formal occasions.

  1. Hang the tie around your neck. The wide end of the tie should be on your right side, the narrow end at your left. Extend the wide end a foot below the narrow end.
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end.
  3. Wrap the wide end behind the narrow end.
  4. Pull the wide end up over the neck loop so that it’s in your face.
  5. Wrap the wide end back down through the loop at your neck so that it points down again.
  6. Cross over the narrow end again. We are making a ‘bridge’, here, for the tie to cross under later. Tuck a couple of your fingers in here to keep it from flattening, so we can get the tie in here.
  7. Pull the wide end up through the loop at your neck.
  8. Bend the wide end down and tuck it through the ‘bridge’ that we made before.
  9. Pull the tie taut by sliding the knot. Before you draw the knot up, pinch the top of the wide end to create a dimple on the front of the tie.

The half-Windsor is a one-loop version of the full Windsor knot.

Celebrity examples of the half-Windsor knot:

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