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Make Skirts and Dresses

Learn how to make skirts and dresses with these free patterns and tutorials.
  1. Skirt Patterns and Tutorials (9)
  2. Dress Patterns (8)

How-to Sundress
How-to Sundresses. Learn how to make a sundress with these free patterns and instructions.

Make a Dress from a Shirt and Skirt
A t-shirt and a skirt turn into a dress with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

How-to Skirts
Learn to make a variety of skirts with these free how-to skirts. These skirt patterns and tutorials are designed with beginners in mind.

Pillowcase Skirt
How to Pillowcase Skirt. Learn to make a pillowcase skirt with this step-by-step photo tutorial.

How to Make a Dress Out of a T-Shirt
How to Make a Dress Out of a T-Shirt. Learn how to make a dress using only a t-shirt and a few minutes with this complete photo tutorial designed by Rain Blanken.

Make a Skirt Shorter
Learn how to make your skirt shorter with these quick and easy instructions.

Make a Simple Drawstring Skirt
No patterns or sewing experience needed with these easy how-to instructions. This basic design lays the groundwork for creating all kinds of skirts.

Turn Pants into a Skirt
Old jeans can easily be turned into a cute mini skirt! Our Guide to Frugal Living shows us how to cut and stitch our way into a free skirt.

How Do I Make an A-Line Skirt?
A DIY Fashion reader asks how to create an A-line skirt that is larger at the hem than the waist.

Dress Making Tips for Beginners
Dress Making Tips for Beginners

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