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Worst Dressed of 2012

DIY Fashion readers would rather burn these styles than look at them.


At the DIY Fashion blog, we often look to celebrity style and runway fashion for inspiration. Throughout the entire year, you've sounded off on celebrity and runway styles on the DIY Fashion blog's Stare, Wear or Burn features. Now it's time to take a reluctant look at the absolute worst fashions of 2012. Here are the styles that gained the most 'Burn' votes from DIY Fashion readers.

1. Jeremy Scott's Entire Fall Collection

Worst Fashion of 2012
Getty Images
It's certainly rare than an entire collection could flop so hard. I'm all for artistic exploration in the world of fashion, but somehow I knew that you wouldn't be too keen on Jeremy Scott's fall designs. With 81% of the vote chucking his My Little Pony swimsuit on the BBQ, I can safely say I know my readers.

2. Jessica Chastain's Grecian Gown

Worst Dressed 2012
Getty Images
Sometimes y'all are just cruel. I thought this sculpted dress looked Grecian chic on Jessica Chastain, but 79% of you put her on burn notice. Was it the color or the unique cut? Sound off in the comments of the post because I'm still puzzled about the outcome on this one.

3. Jessica Alba and Tory Burch as Kindergarteners

Worst Jessica Alba Tory Burch Fashion
Getty Images
Before the 21st annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Tory Burch and Jessica Alba agreed to show up in their best tea party clothes. These were a complete miss with the DIY Fashion blog audience, drumming up a dismal 76% burn. Maybe these grown up girls will redeem themselves next year with a more sophisticated look.

4. Drab Gray from Lonely Hearts

Lonely Hearts worst fashion
Getty Images
This plain gray dress from Lonely Hearts fell flat at an ignition rate of 75%. I could see this as a great ensemble piece, but it just couldn't stand up to the scrutiny of DIY Fashion readers.

5. Nicky and Paris Hilton

worst Paris Hilton Fashion
Getty Images
Here, Nicky and Paris Hilton innocently (okay, maybe not-so-innocently) pose in Miami at an after party at The Wall sponsored by Dom Perignon. Little did they know that you were all waiting around the corner with blow torches. With a 67% burn rate from your votes, I had to giggle a little when I pictured the pyre in my head...

6. Gwen Stefani's Jumpsuit Tragedy

Worst Gwen Stefani Fashion
Getty Images
We have a lot of love for miss Gwen Stefani around the DIY Fashion blog, but it still wasn't enough to save her from a 50% burn. Onesies can do that to a girl. Gwen's patterened and pocketed jumpsuit was easily toasted by our audience, but the vote tells me that a lot of us still gave her the benefit of the doubt. We'll see more from her in 2013... Gwen is never short on fashion surprises.

7. Cameron Diaz in The Sound of Music?

Worst Cameron Diaz Dress
Getty Images
The hills are alive! With Cameron's mountain village frock. Poor Cameron. I'm always rooting for her, but this time I'm shuffling away quietly. This flouncy dress she wore at the Valentino runway show in January was put to the coals with a 46% burn vote. I still think it's cute!

8. Pumpkin Lover's by Ruby

Worst Ruby Fall 2011 New Zealand
Getty Images
Even though I featured this squash-colored gem in September, you guys still couldn't find a place in your hearts for The Great Pumpkin. With a 46% vote for burn from DIY Fashion blog readers, this sleek sweater was ruthlessly harvested, baked and topped with whipped cream.

9. I'm too Goth for my Shirt

Jimmy D Fall 2011 New Zealand
Rain Blanken
Even though I confessed to my Nine Inch Nails obsession throughout high school (there may have been a Marilyn Manson concert sprinkled in there, too), 45% of you torched this goth look by Jimmy D faster than a bored teenager with a box of matches.

10. Anne Hathaway's Controversial White Queen

Worst Anne Hathaway Dress
Getty Images
Anne Hathaway has pushed boundaries before, and she came to the DIY Fashion with the same attitude. For the first and only time, the voting was split; a 36% tie between Wear and Burn. Now, a tie between Stare and Burn I can understand, especially with some of the funkier fashions we've seen on the blog. But if you had it your way, some of you would be wearing this, and some would rather see it turned to ashes. Now that's a diverse audience.

I don't allow myself to vote on our blog challenges, but this time I was tempted. Personally, I find this dress completely gorgeous, but I've got to let you have your voice. Anne's dress will forever reside in Wear/Burn purgatory.

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