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DIY Fall Fashion 2013

Create the top 2013 Fall Fashions


Get ready, because Fall 2013 fashion trends will be hitting the store shelves and garment racks before you know it. Fall 2013 fashion debuted last month on the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, so let's take a peek at what the designers have in store for the Fall 2013 season, and how you can make them for cheap.

1. Mod and 1960s-Chic Style

Fall Fashion Trends
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Mod 1960s fashion trends have been spotted on the runways for a few seasons now and Fall 2013 is no different. This season will feature solids and geometrics, high necklines, jumpers, and boyish fashions with a touch of feminine flare -- in short, Carnaby Street-worthy fashions that would make Twiggy proud.

2. Fall Colours: Hunter Green and Neutrals

DIY 2013 Fall Fashion
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Deep green is an “it” color for Fall 2013 fashion, so invest in at least a couple items in this sleek color.

Green aside, neutral colors are dominating the runways, but don't be afraid to add a splash of bold, solid color to your outfit.

3. The Essential Fall Pants: Military Slacks

Fall 2013 Fashion
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Military-style slacks in fatigue green, dark grey, black and even shades of brown are one of the hottest trends for Fall 2013.

Military-chic pants with zippers, a couple straps and a snap-closure pocket or two are to be worn slightly loose and paired with heels for a sophisticated yet casual look.

You can create your own military slacks by dying a pair of cargo pants to a darker shade.

4. Fall 2013 Fashion Trend: Knee-High Boots

Fall 2013 Boots
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In keeping with the 1960s-chic theme of the season, knee-high boots will be a must-have item for Fall 2013. Pair it with a skirt or dress to complete the mod look -- perfect for a night out on the town.

Ankle boots are also a great pick, particularly in bold colors like red, silver and blue. They're perfect when paired with slacks at the office or wear them with jeans while you're out and about tending to errands.

  • Don't have knee-highs? Make a pair of boot toppers to give your boots some height.

5. Fall Fashion Trend: Chunky Jewelry

2013 Fashion Trends
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Chunky jewelry items like broaches, pendants and large bangles are a great pick for autumn.

The runways are featuring models with minimal accessories, but the pieces that they are wearing are large and rather showy. So pick one piece of jewelry and showcase it as a focal point for your outfit. Again, keep with the minimalist mod theme as you accessorize with items from the jewelry box.

6. Fall 2013 Trend: Subtle Metallics

2013 Fall Fashion Trends
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Subtle metallic threads have been spotted at a number of Fall 2013 fashion shows. Many garments feature solids with metallic threads interwoven into the fabric, making for a bit of added shine and sparkle.

A metallic-threaded blouse is a must-have item for fall, as it will be perfect for virtually any setting – paired with slacks for the office or paired with a skirt for a night out with the girls.

Did you know that you can add thread to any sweater using a method of decorating darning? Darning is used to repair sweaters, but it can also be worked into sweaters for pure decorating. Take up a metallic yarn or thread and darn your sweaters to fit the trend.

7. The Essential Fall Accessory: Hats

DIY Fall Fashion Trend
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Virtually every fall fashion show featured one thing in common: hats! From houndstooth brimmed hats to beanie-style caps, hats are a must-have item for fall. Sometimes I long for the days when men wouldn't leave the house without a hat (baseball caps don't count), and women wore confections of feathers, lace and felt upon their hair. This fall, hats will have their heyday.

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