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Project DIY Review - Baroque N' Roll

Baroque N' Roll Collection review from Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion Expert

Baroque n Roll Project DIY

I don't often venture into the world of gold jewelry. But when I do...

Rain Climbs Out of Her Comfort Zone

An astrologist would easily have me pegged as a stereotypical Cancer, as I'm always wearing gobs of silver and moonstone. Imagine my amazement when she reveals that I am moody. My husband truly lucked out in this respect (not the moody part, poor guy), as silver jewelry is infinitely less expensive than gold. Even my wedding ring is silver.

So when the latest Project DIY box came in the mail from M&J Trimming, I kind of went, 'Ohhh... gold...' like you do when you open up yet another basket of lotions on Christmas 'Ohhh... lotion.'

But I am not one to back down on a project, and I'm certainly not one to avoid new things. What inspiration could I conjure to get excited for crafting with gold? A little lady by the name of Belle:
Belle jewelry

Actually, when I opened the Project DIY Baroque & Roll box, my mind instantly did what always happens when I hear the word 'baroque': Cogsworth declaring, 'If it's not baroque... don't fix it!' Then chuckling at his own lame pun. Does anyone else do this?

Included in the set were tiny black roses, red satin ribbon, pearls, and even a cameo that made this the definitive Belle Project DIY box. Instead of focusing on my aversion to gold jewelry, I was now channeling the grand halls of Beast's castle, the magical rose, and Belle's golden ball gown.

Even the packaging was spot-on Tale as Old as Time:
Baroque n Roll Project DIY

So, with Belle as my inspiration, it is time to put my own spin on the Baroque & Roll parts and pieces. Here is my challenge:

Rose and pearl earrings (note the name!):
Project DIY Earrings

A 'baroque hand adornment' with faux diamonds, pearls and cameo cab:
Project DIY Baroque

And a turban-style headband:
Project DIY Baroque

After much gluing, a touch of sewing, and just a few intermediate jewelry ninja moves, I had my pieces assembled as instructed:
Project DIY Baroque

A Slight Adjustment to the Plan

But, even with Belle on my side, all of that gold was stinging my eyes. I had to tone down my creations a bit to make them wearable, and to be able to see all of the finely-wrought detail in the metal. I decided to use an indigo nail polish to give my gold a tarnished look:
Project DIY Baroque

Project DIY Baroque

Project DIY Baroque

With the nail polish, I had just enough of a patina to really bring out those details with a bit of contrast. The Project DIY boxes are all about using the supplies and photos as guidelines rather than strict rules. I made another executive decision on the 'hand adornment'...

Suggested look from Project DIY:
Project DIY Baroque

I couldn't get away with this look at work (much less type with it on), so I uncurled the ring to create another bracelet. I used the diamond chain and an old pendant of mine to make a piece that matched the cameo bracelet:

Rain's look:

Belle inspired bracelets

Belle inspired bracelet

A cool coincidence was that the pendant I found for my extra bracelet matched the cab provided for the turban. Aside from the nail polish patina, I added green stones and glass beads to match my eyes. I wore it more like a headband, with the sparkly parts to the side, instead of on the middle of the head, as suggested.

Suggested look from Project DIY:
Project DIY headband

Rain's look:
Baroque headband

Rain Blanken Project DIY

Rain Blanken DIY

I loved the suggested earrings, so my creation is just about the same, with a tarnished look:

Suggested look from Project DIY:
baroque earrings

Rain's look:
Belle-inspired earrings

Overall, I enjoyed this Project DIY box a lot more than I expected. Project DIY from M&J Trimming is available as a monthly subscription service, which means that you won't always know what is coming in the next 'mystery' box that you've already paid for. I like this, though, because it makes me edge out of my comfort zone to work with something new- like heaps of Belle-inspired gold jewelry. I never would have picked out these pieces to work with, so I'm glad they all came to my door together, ready to inspire.

More about Project DIY:

Interview with Michelle Levy, Project DIY Lead Designer.

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